Douglas fir

Douglas fir

Douglas fir Word Origin noun

  1. a coniferous tree, Pseudotsuga menziesii, of western North America, often more than 200 feet (60 meters) high, having reddish-brown bark, flattened needles, and narrow, light-brown cones, and yielding a strong, durable timber: the state tree of Oregon.

Origin of Douglas fir 1855–60; named after David Douglas (1798–1834), Scottish botanist and traveler in AmericaAlso called Douglas pine, Douglas spruce, Oregon fir, Oregon pine. British Dictionary definitions for douglas fir Douglas fir Douglas spruce or Douglas hemlock noun

  1. a North American pyramidal coniferous tree, Pseudotsuga menziesii, widely planted for ornament and for timber, having needle-like leaves and hanging cones: family PinaceaeAlso called: Oregon fir, Oregon pine

Word Origin for Douglas fir C19: named after David Douglas (1798–1834), Scottish botanist

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