downhearted [doun-hahr-tid] SynonymsExamplesWord Origin adjective

  1. dejected; depressed; discouraged.

Origin of downhearted First recorded in 1645–55; down1 + hearted Related formsdown·heart·ed·ly, adverbdown·heart·ed·ness, nounSynonyms for downhearted downcast, despondent, disheartened, dispirited, sad, sorrowful. Examples from the Web for down-hearted Historical Examples of down-hearted

  • Now, when Yosépu is down-hearted, we always try eau-de-Cologne.

    Lotus Buds

    Amy Carmichael

  • But he guessed what was happening, and would often come to me and say, ‘Don’t get down-hearted.

    Murder Point

    Coningsby Dawson

  • Thus they vied with each other in little attentions to the down-hearted man.

    The Manxman

    Hall Caine

  • But be not down-hearted about it, Jasper, I will see that thou art provided for.

    In the Days of Drake

    J. S. Fletcher

  • It was an anxious business, this inspection, and left me down-hearted.

    The Lock And Key Library


  • British Dictionary definitions for down-hearted downhearted adjective

    1. discouraged; dejected

    Derived Formsdownheartedly, adverbdownheartedness, noun Word Origin and History for down-hearted adj.

    also downhearted, 1774 (downheartedly is attested from 1650s), a figurative image from down (adv.) + hearted.

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