dramaturge or dram·a·turg [dram-uh-turj, drah-muh-] Word Origin noun

  1. a specialist in dramaturgy, especially one who acts as a consultant to a theater company, advising them on possible repertory.

Origin of dramaturge 1855–60; perhaps back formation from dramaturgy, but compare French dramaturge, German Dramaturg British Dictionary definitions for dramaturg dramaturge noun

  1. Also called: dramaturgist a dramatist, esp one associated with a particular company or theatre
  2. Also called: dramaturg a literary adviser on the staff of a theatre, film corporation, etc, whose responsibilities may include selection and editing of texts, liaison with authors, preparation of printed programmes, and public relations work

Word Origin for dramaturge C19: probably from French, from Greek dramatourgos playwright, from drama + ergon work Word Origin and History for dramaturg dramaturge n.

“dramatist,” 1870, from French dramaturge, from Greek dramatourgos “a dramatist,” from drama (genitive dramatos) + ergos “worker” (see urge (v.)).

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