draughtsman [drafts-muh n, drahfts-] ExamplesWord Origin noun, plural draughts·men. British.

  1. a checker, as used in the game of checkers.
  2. draftsman(defs 1–4).

Origin of draughtsman First recorded in 1655–65; draught + -s3 + man1 draftsman [drafts-muh n, drahfts-] noun, plural drafts·men.

  1. a person employed in making mechanical drawings, as of machines, structures, etc.
  2. a person who draws sketches, plans, or designs.
  3. an artist exceptionally skilled in drawing: Matisse was a superb draftsman.
  4. a person who draws up documents.
  5. draughtsman(def 1).

Also British, draughts·man (for defs 1–4). Origin of draftsman First recorded in 1655–65; draft + ‘s1 + man1 Related formsdrafts·man·ship, nounUsage note See -man. Examples from the Web for draughtsman Historical Examples of draughtsman

  • But this was done for no known reason but the caprice of the draughtsman.

    Christopher Columbus and His Monument Columbia


  • Its one redeeming feature is the difficulty it presents to the draughtsman.

    The History of “Punch”

    M. H. Spielmann

  • Thackeray’s own opinion of his powers as a draughtsman is not easy to determine.

    The History of “Punch”

    M. H. Spielmann

  • Since you have a painter for a friend, perhaps you yourself are a draughtsman.

    What Will He Do With It, Complete

    Edward Bulwer-Lytton

  • If the writer speaks when he writes, and the draughtsman speaks when he draws.

    Picture and Text

    Henry James

  • British Dictionary definitions for draughtsman draughtsman US draftsman noun plural -men

    1. Also called (feminine): draughtswoman a person who practises or is qualified in mechanical drawing, employed to prepare detailed scale drawings of machinery, buildings, devices, etc
    2. Also called (feminine): draughtswoman a person skilled in drawing
    3. British any of the 12 flat thick discs used by each player in the game of draughtsUS and Canadian equivalent: checker

    Derived Formsdraughtsmanship or US draftsmanship, noun draftsman noun plural -men

    1. the usual US spelling of draughtsman (def. 1), draughtsman (def. 2)

    Derived Formsdraftsmanship, noun Word Origin and History for draughtsman n.

    1660s, from genitive of draught + man (n.).

    draftsman n.

    1660s, variant of draughtsman; also see draft.

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