drawdown [draw-doun] ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. a lowering of water surface level, as in a well.
  2. a reduction or depletion: a drawdown of weapons in an arms-limitation plan.

Origin of drawdown 1780–90, for literal sense; draw + down1 Examples from the Web for drawdown Contemporary Examples of drawdown

  • Obama made clear where he stood when he quickly undercut his $120 billion investment by announcing a drawdown.

    How Obama Lost Afghanistan

    Elise Jordan

    April 5, 2014

  • Your novel spans 150 years, but given the drawdown in Afghanistan it feels particularly pertinent to the present day.

    Colum McCann Talks New Novel ‘TransAtlantic’ and Narrative4

    Phil Klay

    June 14, 2013

  • Former Washington Post reporter Ellen Knickmeyer on his drawdown speech.

    Will Obama’s Troops Plan Work?

    The Daily Beast

    June 23, 2011

  • The drawdown would be modest this year, and next year would come only after the summer fighting season.

    The Politics Behind Obama’s Decision

    John Barry

    June 23, 2011

  • The debate now is between a drawdown of 5,000 and about 15,000.

    Don’t Abandon Afghanistan!

    June 9, 2011

  • British Dictionary definitions for drawdown drawdown noun

    1. a depletion or reduction, for example of supplies
    2. a continuous decline in an investment or fund, usually expressed as a percentage between its highest and lowest levels
    3. the intentional draining of a body of water such as a lake or reservoir, to a given depth

    Word Origin and History for drawdown n.

    of troops, by 1991, in reference to the end of the Cold War; from draw (v.) + down (adv.). Earlier of wells (c.1900).

    drawdown in Science drawdown [drô′doun′]

    1. A lowering of the water level in a reservoir or other body of water, especially as the result of withdrawal.
    2. The difference in elevation between the level of water in a well and the level of groundwater in the area in which the well is located.

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