dreidel [dreyd-l] ExamplesWord Origin noun, plural drei·dels, drei·del.

  1. a four-sided top bearing the Hebrew letters nun, gimel, he, and shin, one on each side, used chiefly in a children’s game traditionally played on the Jewish festival of Hanukkah.

Origin of dreidel 1925–30; Yiddish dreydl, equivalent to drey(en) to rotate, turn (Middle High German dræ(je)n, dræhen; compare G. drehen) + -dl noun suffix Examples from the Web for dreidel Contemporary Examples of dreidel

  • More than menorah lighting and dreidel spinning, Hanukkah is known for its culinary delicacy, latkes.

    Mouth-Watering Potato Pancakes

    Jacquelynn D. Powers

    December 1, 2010

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