Drenthe or Dren·te [dren-tuh] Examples noun

  1. a province in E Netherlands. 1011 sq. mi. (2620 sq. km).

Examples from the Web for drenthe Historical Examples of drenthe

  • We were in the province of Drenthe now, and it looked as little Dutch as might be.

    The Chauffeur and the Chaperon

    C. N. Williamson

  • Yet although Ryer was rich, as wealth is reckoned in Drenthe, whence he had come, he was greedy for more.

    Dutch Fairy Tales for Young Folks

    William Elliot Griffis

  • The moonlight night came round and hundreds of the men of Drenthe gathered together.

    Dutch Fairy Tales for Young Folks

    William Elliot Griffis

  • Some of the very poorest-looking houses are to be found in Overyssel and Drenthe.

    Dutch Life in Town and Country

    P. M. Hough

  • British Dictionary definitions for drenthe Drenthe noun

    1. a province of the NE Netherlands: a low plateau, with many raised bogs, partially reclaimed; agricultural, with oil deposits. Capital: Assen. Pop: 481 000 (2003 est). Area: 2647 sq km (1032 sq miles)

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