dressing [dres-ing] ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. the act of a person or thing that dresses.
  2. a sauce for food: salad dressing.
  3. stuffing for a fowl: turkey dressing.
  4. material used to dress or cover a wound.
  5. manure, compost, or other fertilizers.
  6. the ornamental detail of a building, especially that around openings.

Origin of dressing late Middle English word dating back to 1400–50; see origin at dress, -ing1 Related Words for dressings stuffing, filling, forcemeat, manure, compost, humus Examples from the Web for dressings Historical Examples of dressings

  • It is also much used as a basis for numerous other dressings.

    Woman’s Institute Library of Cookery, Vol. 4

    Woman’s Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences

  • A number of dressings are on the market and can be procured in drug stores.

    Boy Scouts Handbook

    Boy Scouts of America

  • While she prepared the dressings I put the question to Smith.

    The Pirate of Panama

    William MacLeod Raine

  • The hands of the attendant, the dressings, the surrounding skin, must all be clean.

    The Mother and Her Child

    William S. Sadler

  • At seven thirteen arrived,—all convalescents, and no dressings at all to do.

    ‘My Beloved Poilus’


  • British Dictionary definitions for dressings dressings pl n

    1. dressed stonework, mouldings, and carved ornaments used to form quoins, keystones, sills, and similar features

    dressing noun

    1. a sauce for food, esp for salad
    2. US and Canadian a mixture of chopped and seasoned ingredients with which poultry, meat, etc, is stuffed before cookingAlso called (in Britain and certain other countries): stuffing
    3. a covering for a wound, sore, etc
    4. manure or artificial fertilizer spread on land
    5. size used for stiffening textiles
    6. the processes in the conversion of certain rough tanned hides into leather ready for use

    See also dressings Word Origin and History for dressings dressing n.

    mid-14c., verbal noun from dress (v.). Sense in cookery is from c.1500. Meaning “bandage” is first recorded 1713. Dressing gown attested from 1777; dressing room from 1670s.

    dressings in Medicine dressing [drĕs′ĭng] n.

    1. A therapeutic or protective material applied to a wound.

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