du maurier


  1. Dame DaphneLady Browning, 1907–1989, English novelist.
  2. her grandfatherGeorge Louis Pal·mel·la Bus·son [pal-meluh boo-sohn; French bysawn] /pælˈmɛl ə buˈsoʊn; French büˈsɔ̃/, 1834–96, English illustrator and novelist.
  3. her fatherSir Gerald (Hubert Edward Bus·son) [bysawn] /büˈsɔ̃/, 1873–1934, English actor and theatrical manager.


  1. Dame Daphne. 1907–89, English novelist; author of Rebecca (1938) and My Cousin Rachel (1951)
  2. her grandfather, George Louis Palmella Busson (‘pæmɛlə ˈbjuːs ə n) 1834-96, British novelist and illustrator; author Trilby (1894)
  3. his son, Sir Gerald (Hubert Edward). 1873–1934, British actor-manager: father of Daphne Du Maurier

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