1. the wife or widow of a duke.
  2. a woman who holds in her own right the sovereignty or titles of a duchy.

noun, plural du·chesses [French dyshes] /French düˈʃɛs/. French Furniture.

  1. a daybed having a rounded, partially enclosed head and usually a similar foot, sometimes made in two or three pieces able to be used separately (duchesse brisée).


  1. the wife or widow of a duke
  2. a woman who holds the rank of duke in her own right

verb (tr)

  1. Australian informal to overwhelm with flattering attention


  1. Australian and NZ a dressing table or chest of drawers with a mirror

c.1300, from Old French duchesse, from Late Latin or Medieval Latin ducissa, fem. of dux (see duke (n.)). Often spelled dutchess until early 19c. (e.g. Dutchess County, New York, U.S.).

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