1. Medicine/Medical. faulty or inadequate nutrition or development.
  2. Pathology. any of a number of disorders characterized by weakening, degeneration, or abnormal development of muscle.
  3. Ecology. the state of being dystrophic.


  1. any of various bodily disorders, characterized by wasting of tissuesSee also muscular dystrophy
  2. ecology a condition of lake water when it is too acidic and poor in oxygen to support life, resulting from excessive humus content

also distrophy, “defective nutrition,” 1858, from Modern Latin dystrophia, distrophia, from Greek dys- “hard, bad, ill” (see dys-) + trophe “nourishment” (see -trophy). Related: Dystrophic.


  1. A degenerative disorder caused by inadequate or defective nutrition.
  2. Any of several disorders, especially muscular dystrophy, in which the muscles weaken and atrophy.

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