edward gibbon


  1. Edward,1737–94, English historian.


  1. any small agile arboreal anthropoid ape of the genus Hylobates, inhabiting forests in S Asia


  1. Edward. 1737–94, English historian; author of The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (1776–88), controversial in its historical criticism of Christianity
  2. Lewis Grassic (ˈɡræsɪk), real name James Leslie Mitchell . 1901–35, Scottish writer: best known for his trilogy of novels Scots Quair (1932–34)

1770, from French gibbon (18c.), supposedly from a word in the French colonies of India but not found in any language there. Brought to Europe by Marquis Joseph-François Dupleix (1697-1763), French governor general in India 1742-54. The surname is Old French Giboin, from Frankish *Geba-win “gift-friend,” or in some cases a diminutive of Gibb, itself a familiar form of Gilbert.

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