1. electric charge.
  2. electric current.
  3. the science dealing with electric charges and currents.
  4. a state or feeling of excitement, anticipation, tension, etc.


  1. any phenomenon associated with stationary or moving electrons, ions, or other charged particles
  2. the science concerned with electricity
  3. an electric current or chargea motor powered by electricity
  4. emotional tension or excitement, esp between or among people

1640s (Browne), from electric + -ity. Originally in reference to friction.

  1. The collection of physical effects related to the force and motion of electrically charged particles, typically electrons, through or across matter and space. See also circuit conductor electric potential.
  2. Electric current, or a source of electric current.
  3. A buildup of electric charge. See also static electricity.

A flow of electrical charges, such as electrons, through a conductor.

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