1. Alexander JohnAlexander John Sharpe, 1814–90, English phonetician and mathematician.
  2. (Henry) Have·lock [hav-lok] /ˈhæv lɒk/, 1859–1939, English psychologist and writer.

noun Scandinavian Mythology.

  1. an old woman, a personification of old age, who defeated Thor in a wrestling match.


  1. Alexander John . 1814–90, English philologist: made the first systematic survey of the phonology of British dialects
  2. (Henry) Havelock (ˈhævlɒk). 1859–1939, English essayist: author of works on the psychology of sex

  1. British psychologist and writer known for his pioneering works on sexuality, such as Studies in the Psychology of Sex (seven volumes, 1897-1928).

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