1. an act or instance of emitting: the emission of poisonous fumes.
  2. something that is emitted; discharge; emanation.
  3. an act or instance of issuing, as paper money.
  4. Electronics. a measure of the number of electrons emitted by the heated filament or cathode of a vacuum tube.
  5. an ejection or discharge of semen or other fluid from the body.
  6. the fluid ejected or discharged.


  1. the act of emitting or sending forth
  2. energy, in the form of heat, light, radio waves, etc, emitted from a source
  3. a substance, fluid, etc, that is emitted; discharge
  4. a measure of the number of electrons emitted by a cathode or electron gunat 1000°C the emission is 3 mA See also secondary emission, thermionic emission
  5. physiol any bodily discharge, esp an involuntary release of semen during sleep
  6. an issue, as of currency

early 15c., “something sent forth,” from Middle French émission (14c.) and directly from Latin emissionem (nominative emissio) “a sending out, projecting, hurling, letting go, releasing,” from past participle stem of emittere “send out” (see emit). Meaning “a giving off or emitting” is from 1610s.


  1. A discharge of fluid from a living body, usually a seminal discharge.

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