1. a glassy substance, usually opaque, applied by fusion to the surface of metal, pottery, etc., as an ornament or for protection.
  2. enamelware.
  3. any of various varnishes, paints, coatings, etc., drying to a hard, glossy finish.
  4. any enamellike surface with a bright luster.
  5. an artistic work executed in enamel.
  6. Dentistry. the hard, glossy, calcareous covering of the crown of a tooth, containing only a slight amount of organic substance.

verb (used with object), e·nam·eled, e·nam·el·ing or (especially British) e·nam·elled, e·nam·el·ling.

  1. to inlay or overlay with enamel.
  2. to form an enamellike surface upon: to enamel cardboard.
  3. to decorate as with enamel; variegate with colors.


  1. a coloured glassy substance, translucent or opaque, fused to the surface of articles made of metal, glass, etc, for ornament or protection
  2. an article or articles ornamented with enamel
  3. an enamel-like paint or varnish
  4. any smooth glossy coating resembling enamel
  5. another word for nail polish
  6. the hard white calcified substance that covers the crown of each tooth
  7. (modifier)
    1. decorated or covered with enamelan enamel ring
    2. made with enamelenamel paste

verb -els, -elling or -elled or US -els, -eling or -eled (tr)

  1. to inlay, coat, or otherwise decorate with enamel
  2. to ornament with glossy variegated colours, as if with enamel
  3. to portray in enamel

early 15c., from enamel (v.).


early 14c., from Anglo-French enamailler (early 14c.), from en- “in” (see en- (1)) + amailler “to enamel,” variant of Old French esmailler, from esmal “enamel,” from Frankish *smalt, from Proto-Germanic *smaltjan “to smelt” (see smelt (v.)). Related: Enameled; enameling.


  1. The hard, calcareous substance covering the exposed portion of a tooth.

  1. The hard, translucent substance covering the exposed portion of a tooth in mammals. Enamel is the hardest substance in the body, and consists mostly of calcium salts.

The hard, white substance that covers the crown of a tooth.

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