verb (used with object)

  1. to form a circle or ring round; surround; envelop: a house environed by pleasant grounds; to be environed by bad influences.

plural noun

  1. the surrounding parts or districts, as of a city; outskirts; suburbs.
  2. surrounding objects; surroundings; environment.
  3. an area or space close by; vicinity.

  1. environment.
  2. environmental.
  3. environmentalism.
  4. environmentalist.


  1. (tr) to encircle or surround

pl n

  1. a surrounding area or region, esp the suburbs or outskirts of a town or city; vicinity

late 14c. (implied in environing), “to surround,” from Old French environer “to surround, enclose, encircle,” from environ “round about,” from en- “in” (see en- (1)) + viron “circle, circuit,” from virer “to turn” (see veer). Related: Environed.


“outskirts,” 1660s, from French environs, plural of Old French environ “compass, circuit,” from environ (adv.) “around, round about” (see environ).

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