conjunction, adverb

  1. therefore.

  1. a combining form meaning “work”: ergograph.

  1. a combining form of ergot: ergotoxine.


  1. after this, therefore because of it: a formula designating an error in logic that accepts as a cause something that merely occurred earlier in time.


  1. I think, therefore I am (stated by Descartes as the first principle in resolving universal doubt).

sentence connector

  1. therefore; hence


  1. informal short for ergometer (def. 2)

  1. I think, therefore I am; the basis of Descartes’ philosophy

c.1400, from Latin ergo “therefore, in consequence of,” possibly from *ex rogo “from the direction,” from ex “out of” (see ex-) + root of regere “to guide” (see regal).


  1. Work:ergometer.

Latin word meaning “therefore”; usually used to show a logical conclusion: “Birds are warm-blooded animals, and reptiles are cold-blooded animals; ergo, no bird is a reptile.”

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