noun, plural E·ries, (especially collectively) E·rie for 3.

  1. Lake, a lake between the NE central United States and SE central Canada: the southernmost lake of the Great Lakes; Commodore Perry’s defeat of the British in 1813. 239 miles (385 km) long; 9940 sq. mi. (25,745 sq. km).
  2. a port in NW Pennsylvania, on Lake Erie.
  3. a member of a tribe of American Indians formerly living along the southern shore of Lake Erie.


  1. plural Eries or Erie a member of a North American Indian people formerly living south of Lake Erie
  2. the language of this people, possibly belonging to the Iroquoian family


  1. Lake Erie a lake between the US and Canada: the southernmost and the shallowest of the Great Lakes; empties by the Niagara River into Lake Ontario. Area: 25 718 sq km (9930 sq miles)
  2. a port in NW Pennsylvania, on Lake Erie. Pop: 101 373 (2003 est)

one of the Great Lakes, named for a native Iroquoian people who lived nearby, from French Erie, shortening of Rhiienhonons, said to mean “raccoon nation,” perhaps in reference to a totemic animal.

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