etesian [ih-tee-zhuh n] ExamplesWord Origin adjective

  1. (of certain Mediterranean winds) occurring annually.

Origin of etesian 1595–1605; Latin etēsi(ae) Greek etēsíai (ánemoi) periodic (winds) + -an Examples from the Web for etesian Historical Examples of etesian

  • The etesian winds made it impossible to bring up renforcements, and Csar’s force was very small.

    A Friend of Caesar

    William Stearns Davis

  • Those which blow constantly at certain seasons of the year, as monsoon, trade, and etesian winds.

    The Sailor’s Word-Book

    William Henry Smyth

  • The Etesian winds blew fresh in summer from the north, across the sea, and refreshed the people in their gardens.

    Theocritus, Bion and Moschus


  • There the air is still, particularly when the Etesian winds cool the other parts of the country which are burnt up by heat.

    The Geography of Strabo, Volume III (of 3)


  • Their winter sets in when the Etesian winds begin to blow (for they have rain), and the remaining season is summer.

    The Geography of Strabo, Volume III (of 3)


  • British Dictionary definitions for etesian etesian adjective

    1. (of NW winds) recurring annually in the summer in the E Mediterranean

    Word Origin for etesian C17: from Latin etēsius yearly, from Greek etēsios, from etos year

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