ethereal [ih-theer-ee-uh l] ExamplesWord Origin See more synonyms for ethereal on adjective

  1. light, airy, or tenuous: an ethereal world created through the poetic imagination.
  2. extremely delicate or refined: ethereal beauty.
  3. heavenly or celestial: gone to his ethereal home.
  4. of or relating to the upper regions of space.
  5. Chemistry. pertaining to, containing, or resembling ethyl ether.

Also ae·the·re·al (for defs 1–4). Origin of ethereal 1505–15; Latin aethere(us) (Greek aithérios), equivalent to aether- ether + -eus adj. suffix + -al1 Related formse·the·re·al·i·ty, e·the·re·al·ness, noune·the·re·al·ly, adverbe·the·re·ous, adjectivenon·e·the·re·al, adjectivenon·e·the·re·al·ly, adverbnon·e·the·re·al·ness, nounnon·e·the·re·al·i·ty, nounun·e·the·re·al, adjectiveun·e·the·re·al·ly, adverbun·e·the·re·al·ness, noun Related Words for ethereal celestial, intangible, exquisite, ghostly, airy, sublime, aerial, dainty, divine, empyrean, fairy, filmy, fine, gaseous, gossamer, impalpable, insubstantial, light, rarefied, refined Examples from the Web for ethereal Contemporary Examples of ethereal

  • Bitcoin began 2013 with a roaring price of $770 per unit, and businesses right and left were converting to the ethereal product.

    You Were Wrong About Miley & Bitcoin: 2014’s Failed Predictions

    Nina Strochlic

    December 31, 2014

  • One skeleton in particular has become famous for the brutal way she died and the ethereal way her body was preserved.

    The Cave Where Mayans Sacrificed Humans Is Open for Visitors

    Nina Strochlic

    August 14, 2014

  • C, lastly, I just think [Perritaz] has a natural taste for purity, delicacy, and ethereal balance.

    Wine, Watch Out! These Ciders Are Just as Good

    Jordan Salcito

    July 19, 2014

  • I remember telling people at the time, ‘This kid is so ethereal and interesting.’

    The Making of ‘Boyhood’: Richard Linklater’s 12-Year Journey to Create An American Masterpiece

    Marlow Stern

    July 10, 2014

  • They will return, Eve says, and in the meanwhile they have an ethereal beauty.

    Can Hollywood Rejuvenate Detroit and America’s Bankrupt Cities?

    David Levesley

    May 15, 2014

  • Historical Examples of ethereal

  • Deep were my musings, as to the race and attributes of that ethereal being.

    The Vision of the Fountain (From “Twice Told Tales”)

    Nathaniel Hawthorne

  • She waved her hand to Edgar Vaughan, with a gesture of ethereal triumph.

    Sylph Etherege

    Nathaniel Hawthorne

  • She had all the ethereal beauty of the saints relieved from their bodies.

    The Dream

    Emile Zola

  • We start off in pursuit of them in an ethereal heaven, in the infinite of our dreams.

    My Double Life

    Sarah Bernhardt

  • Few of the flowers merely meant for ornament are so ethereal as a potato.

    Alarms and Discursions

    G. K. Chesterton

  • British Dictionary definitions for ethereal ethereal adjective

    1. extremely delicate or refined; exquisite
    2. almost as light as air; impalpable; airy
    3. celestial or spiritual
    4. of, containing, or dissolved in an ether, esp diethyl etheran ethereal solution
    5. of or relating to the ether

    Derived Formsethereality or etherealness, nounethereally, adverbWord Origin for ethereal C16: from Latin aethereus, from Greek aitherios, from aithēr ether Word Origin and History for ethereal adj.

    1510s, “of the highest regions of the atmosphere,” from ether + -al (1); extended sense of “light, airy” is from 1590s. Meaning “spiritlike, immaterial” is from 1640s. Related: Ethereally.

    ethereal in Medicine ethereal [ĭ-thîr′ē-əl] adj.

    1. Characterized by lightness and insubstantiality; intangible.
    2. Of, relating to, or containing ether.

    Related formse•the′re•al′i•ty (-ăl′ĭ-tē) null n.e•the′re•al•ly adv.

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