Ethernet [ee-ther-net] Examples Trademark.

  1. a local-area network protocol featuring a bus topology and a 10 megabit per second data transfer rate.

Examples from the Web for ethernet Contemporary Examples of ethernet

  • More probable, he said, is someone got in through the network itself, over the ethernet.

    How to Protect Yourself From the World’s Perviest Hackers

    Winston Ross

    August 15, 2013

  • Historical Examples of ethernet

  • The only thing I bought were the network cards—two wireless, one Ethernet.

    Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town

    Cory Doctorow

  • British Dictionary definitions for ethernet Ethernet noun

    1. trademark computing a widely used type of local area network

    Word Origin and History for ethernet n.

    1980, from ether + ending as in Internet, etc.

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