ethylate [eth-uh-leyt]Chemistry Word Origin verb (used with object), eth·yl·at·ed, eth·yl·at·ing.

  1. to introduce one or more ethyl groups into (a compound).


  1. Also called ethoxide. a metallic derivative of ethyl alcohol, as potassium ethylate, KOC2H5.

Origin of ethylate First recorded in 1860–65; ethyl + -ate1 Related formseth·yl·a·tion, nounun·eth·yl·at·ed, adjective British Dictionary definitions for ethylate ethylate verb

  1. to undergo or cause to undergo a chemical reaction in which an ethyl group is introduced into a molecule


  1. another name for an ethoxide

Derived Formsethylation, noun ethylate in Medicine ethylate [ĕth′ə-lāt′] n.

  1. A compound in which the hydrogen of the hydroxyl group of an alcohol is replaced by a metallic atom, usually sodium or potassium.


  1. To introduce the ethyl group into a compound.

Related formseth′yl•a′tion n.

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