Etruria [ih-troo r-ee-uh] Examples noun

  1. an ancient country located between the Arno and Tiber rivers, roughly corresponding to modern Tuscany in W Italy.

Examples from the Web for etruria Historical Examples of etruria

  • Etruria furnished the people of Romulus with the science of divination.

    The Superstitions of Witchcraft

    Howard Williams

  • Fanny wants to know “what you are gone for,” and endeavors to pronounce Etruria.

    Mary Wollstonecraft

    Elizabeth Robins Pennell

  • Remains of amphitheatres are found in several cities of Etruria.

    Museum of Antiquity

    L. W. Yaggy

  • Examples of subterranean tombs are to be found in Egypt, Etruria, Greece.

    Museum of Antiquity

    L. W. Yaggy

  • Hannibal decided to attempt to pass over the mountains into Etruria.


    Jacob Abbott

  • British Dictionary definitions for etruria Etruria noun

    1. an ancient country of central Italy, between the Rivers Arno and Tiber, roughly corresponding to present-day Tuscany and part of Umbria
    2. a factory established in Staffordshire by Josiah Wedgwood in 1769

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