Euclid [yoo-klid] Examples noun

  1. flourished c300 b.c., Greek geometrician and educator at Alexandria.
  2. a city in NE Ohio, near Cleveland.

Examples from the Web for euclid Contemporary Examples of euclid

  • Two clear examples: One poster reads “EUCLID” in big letters.

    Ultra-Orthodox Party Runs Against Math

    Elisheva Goldberg

    January 21, 2013

  • His new book is Here’s Looking at Euclid: A Surprising Excursion Through the Astonishing World of Numbers.

    The Other World Cup

    Alex Bellos

    June 11, 2010

  • A few years ago, a Bosnian family named Vidovic came to Euclid, Ohio, to escape persecution by Serbs in an embattled region.

    Life and Death at Suicide High

    Lucinda Franks

    March 31, 2010

  • Historical Examples of euclid

  • The farmers from Euclid and Newburgh came in with twenty-eight yoke of cattle.

    Cleveland Past and Present

    Maurice Joblin

  • I do not ask him to reveal to me the demonstrations of Euclid.

    Slavery Ordained of God

    Rev. Fred A. Ross, D.D.

  • It contains a course of applied geometry in connection with Euclid’s Elements.

    Albert Durer

    T. Sturge Moore

  • As it is, his poem has the faults we should look for in a metrical version of Euclid.

    The Legacy of Greece


  • One of the complaints often made against Euclid is that he is ‘diffuse’.

    The Legacy of Greece


  • British Dictionary definitions for euclid Euclid noun

    1. 3rd century bc, Greek mathematician of Alexandria; author of Elements, which sets out the principles of geometry and remained a text until the 19th century at least
    2. the works of Euclid, esp his system of geometry

    Derived FormsEuclidean or Euclidian (juːˈklɪdɪən), adjective euclid in Science Euclid [yōō′klĭd]fl. 300 bce

    1. Greek mathematician whose book, Elements, was used continuously until the 19th century. In it he organized and systematized all that was known about geometry. Euclid’s systematic use of deductions and axioms was widely regarded as a model working method and influenced mathematicians and scientists for over two thousand years.

    euclid in Culture Euclid [(yooh-klid)]

    An ancient Greek mathematician; the founder of the study of geometry. Euclid’s Elements is the basis for modern school textbooks in geometry. One of the basic statements, or postulates, of Euclid’s geometry is that if a line and a point separate from it are given, only one line parallel to the first line can pass through the point.

    Note Albert Einstein used other approaches to geometry to derive the theory of relativity. These “non-Euclidean geometries” deny Euclid’s postulate about parallel lines.

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