eulogia [yoo-loh-jee-uh; for 2 also Greek ev-law-yee-ah] Word Origin noun

  1. Also called antidoron, holy bread. Eastern Church. blessed bread given to the congregation during vespers or at the end of the liturgy.
  2. Greek Orthodox Church. a blessing.

Origin of eulogia 1745–55; Late Latin Greek eulogía praise, blessing. See eu-, -logy, -ia eulogium [yoo-loh-jee-uh m] noun, plural eu·lo·gi·ums, eu·lo·gi·a [yoo-loh-jee-uh] /yuˈloʊ dʒi ə/.

  1. a eulogy.
  2. eulogistic language.

Origin of eulogium 1700–10; Medieval Latin, equivalent to Latin eu- eu- + (ē)logium inscription on a tombstone British Dictionary definitions for eulogia eulogia noun

  1. Eastern Churches blessed bread distributed to members of the congregation after the liturgy, esp to those who have not communed
  2. archaic a blessing or something blessed

Word Origin for eulogia C18: from Greek: blessing; see eulogy

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