Eurocurrency [yoo r-oh-kur-uh n-see, ‐kuhr‐, yur‐] Word Origin noun, plural Eu·ro·cur·ren·cies.

  1. funds deposited in the bank of a European country in the currency of another country.

Origin of Eurocurrency Euro- + currency Also called Eu·ro·mon·ey [yoor-uh-muhn-ee, yur‐] /ˈyur əˌmʌn i, ˈyɜr‐/. British Dictionary definitions for eurocurrency eurocurrency noun

  1. (sometimes capital)
    1. the currency of any country held on deposit in Europe outside its home market: used as a source of short- or medium-term finance, esp in international trade, because of easy convertibility
    2. (as modifier)the eurocurrency market

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