Europe [yoo r-uh p, yur- for 1; yoo-roh-pee, yuh- for 2] Examples noun

  1. a continent in the W part of the landmass lying between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, separated from Asia by the Ural Mountains on the E and the Caucasus Mountains and the Black and Caspian seas on the SE. In British usage, Europe sometimes contrasts with England. About 4,017,000 sq. mi. (10,404,000 sq. km).
  2. Classical Mythology. Europa(def 1).

Related formsan·ti-Eu·rope, adjective Examples from the Web for europe Contemporary Examples of europe

  • Yes, we do typically do better than Europe (and Canada, too, which is frequently awful on this score).

    How the PC Police Threaten Free Speech

    Nick Gillespie

    January 9, 2015

  • He sees himself as the first Muslim president of all Europe.

    Houellebecq’s Incendiary Novel Imagines France With a Muslim President

    Pierre Assouline

    January 9, 2015

  • Newspapers around Europe have also done so in solidarity with the slain.

    Why We Stand With Charlie Hebdo—And You Should Too

    John Avlon

    January 8, 2015

  • An additonal 30,000 made it to Europe by other routes including commercial flights and dangerous overland passages.

    Ghost Ships of the Mediterranean

    Barbie Latza Nadeau

    January 6, 2015

  • This was later repurposed in Europe as an explanation for racial superiority, and the term “Aryan” came to define a white race.

    The Himalayas’ Hidden Aryans

    Nina Strochlic

    January 3, 2015

  • Historical Examples of europe

  • To these maidens, thus united, came Emilia home from Europe.


    Thomas Wentworth Higginson

  • They are probably the richest and most comfortable population of Europe at this hour.

    Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine, No. 327


  • The Greeks rushed to the rescue, while all Europe held aloof.

    The Grand Old Man

    Richard B. Cook

  • He said that “Europe can be tranquil only when France is satisfied.”

    Punchinello, Vol. 1, No. 7, May 14, 1870


  • They are said to have been brought into Europe by the Crusaders.

    Woman’s Institute Library of Cookery, Vol. 2

    Woman’s Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences

  • British Dictionary definitions for europe Europe noun

    1. the second smallest continent, forming the W extension of Eurasia: the border with Asia runs from the Urals to the Caspian and the Black Sea. The coastline is generally extremely indented and there are several peninsulas (notably Scandinavia, Italy, and Iberia) and offshore islands (including the British Isles and Iceland). It contains a series of great mountain systems in the south (Pyrenees, Alps, Apennines, Carpathians, Caucasus), a large central plain, and a N region of lakes and mountains in Scandinavia. Pop: 724 722 000 (2005 est). Area: about 10 400 000 sq km (4 000 000 sq miles)
    2. British the continent of Europe except for the British Isleswe’re going to Europe for our holiday
    3. British the European Unionwhen did Britain go into Europe?
    4. a type of dinghy, designed to be sailed by one person

    Word Origin and History for europe Europe

    from Latin Europa “Europe,” from Greek Europe, of uncertain origin; as a geographic name, first the Homeric hymn to Apollo (522 B.C.E. or earlier):

    “Telphusa, here I am minded to make a glorious temple, an oracle for men, and hither they will always bring perfect hecatombs, both those who live in rich Peloponnesus and those of Europe and all the wave-washed isles, coming to seek oracles.”

    Often explained as “broad face,” from eurys “wide” (see aneurysm) + ops “face.” But also traditionally linked with Europa, Phoenician princess in Greek mythology. Klein (citing Heinrich Lewy) suggests a possible Semitic origin in Akkad. erebu “to go down, set” (in reference to the sun) which would parallel orient. Another suggestion along those lines is Phoenician ‘ereb “evening,” hence “west.”

    europe in Culture Europe

    Continent that is actually a vast peninsula of Eurasia.

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