eurythmy [yoo-rith -mee, yuh-] Examples noun

  1. eurhythmy.

eurhythmy or eu·ryth·my [yoo-rith -mee, yuh-] noun

  1. rhythmical movement or order; harmonious motion or proportion.

Origin of eurhythmy 1615–25; Latin eurythmia Greek eurythmía good proportion, gracefulness. See eu-, rhythm, -y3 Examples from the Web for eurythmy Historical Examples of eurythmy

  • Eurythmy is beauty and fitness in the adjustments of the members.

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  • British Dictionary definitions for eurythmy eurhythmy esp US eurythmy noun

    1. rhythmic movement
    2. harmonious structure

    Word Origin for eurhythmy C17: from Latin eurythmia, from Greek eurhuthmia, from eu- + rhuthmos proportion, rhythm

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