Euterpe [yoo-tur-pee] Examples noun Classical Mythology.

  1. the Muse of music and lyric poetry.

Related formsEu·ter·pe·an, adjective Examples from the Web for euterpe Historical Examples of euterpe

  • Euterpe played an inspiring accompaniment to their conversation.

    Ixion In Heaven

    Benjamin Disraeli

  • Euterpe will learn to be gratified, Æsculapius, but she had not reflected upon the plunge.


    Edmund Gosse

  • To this laudable end sacrifices were now made to Euterpe to assist them.

    Sandra Belloni, Complete

    George Meredith

  • With him Euterpe and Eros, obviously, must not house together.

    The Silver Poppy

    Arthur Stringer

  • Mr. R. Frankling, 70; on the reverse side figure of Euterpe.

    South London

    Sir Walter Besant

  • British Dictionary definitions for euterpe Euterpe noun

    1. Greek myth the Muse of lyric poetry and music

    Derived FormsEuterpean, adjective Word Origin and History for euterpe Euterpe

    muse of music, from Greek Euterpe, literally “pleasing,” from eu “well” (see eu-) + terpein “to delight, please” (see Terpsichore).

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