eutrophic [yoo-trof-ik, -troh-fik] Word Origin adjective

  1. Medicine/Medical. relating to or being in a condition of eutrophy, or healthy or adequate nutrition or development.
  2. Ecology. (of a lake) characterized by an abundant accumulation of nutrients that support a dense growth of algae and other organisms, the decay of which depletes the shallow waters of oxygen in summer.Compare oligotrophic.

Origin of eutrophic First recorded in 1880–85; eutroph(y) + -ic Related formseu·troph·i·ca·tion, noun British Dictionary definitions for eutrophic eutrophic adjective

  1. (of lakes and similar habitats) rich in organic and mineral nutrients and supporting an abundant plant life, which in the process of decaying depletes the oxygen supply for animal lifeCompare oligotrophic

Derived Formseutrophy, nounWord Origin for eutrophic C18: probably from eutrophy, from Greek eutrophia sound nutrition, from eutrophos well-fed, from eu- + trephein to nourish eutrophic in Medicine eutrophic [yōō-trŏf′ĭk, -trō′fĭk] adj.

  1. Relating to, characterized by, or promoting eutrophia.

eutrophic in Science eutrophic [yōō-trŏf′ĭk, -trō′fĭk]

  1. Having waters rich in phosphates, nitrates, and organic nutrients that promote a proliferation of plant life, especially algae. Used of a lake, pond, or stream. Compare dystrophic oligotrophic.

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