evaporite [ih-vap-uh-rahyt] ExamplesWord Origin noun Geology.

  1. any sedimentary rock, as gypsum or rock salt, formed by precipitation from evaporating seawater.

Origin of evaporite First recorded in 1920–25; evapor(ation) + -ite1 Examples from the Web for evaporite Historical Examples of evaporite

  • Borates are mined from evaporite deposits at Searles Lake, California, and other desert locations.


    A. S. Walker

  • British Dictionary definitions for evaporite evaporite noun

    1. any sedimentary rock, such as rock salt, gypsum, or anhydrite, formed by evaporation of former seas or salt-water lakes

    Word Origin for evaporite C20: evaporation + -ite 1 evaporite in Science evaporite [ĭ-văp′ə-rīt′]

    1. A sedimentary rock that consists of one or more minerals formed as precipitates from the evaporation of a saline solution, such as saltwater. Usually, the first evaporite to form from saltwater is calcium, followed by gypsum and then halite.

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