evection [ih-vek-shuh n] ExamplesWord Origin noun Astronomy.

  1. a periodic irregularity in the moon’s motion, caused by the attraction of the sun.

Origin of evection 1650–60; Latin ēvectiōn- (stem of ēvectiō) a going upwards, flight, equivalent to ēvect(us) (past participle of ēvehere to carry forth, move forth) + -iōn- -ion Related formse·vec·tion·al, adjective Examples from the Web for evection Historical Examples of evection

  • This he called the evection, and introduced another epicycle to represent it.


    Walter W. Bryant

  • His chief discovery was an irregularity of the lunar motion, called the ‘evection.’

    The Astronomy of Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’

    Thomas Orchard

  • British Dictionary definitions for evection evection noun

    1. irregularity in the moon’s motion caused by perturbations of the sun and planets

    Derived Formsevectional, adjectiveWord Origin for evection C17: from Latin ēvectiō a going up, from ēvehere to lead forth, from vehere to carry

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