evitable [ev-i-tuh-buh l] ExamplesWord Origin adjective

  1. capable of being avoided; avoidable.

Origin of evitable From the Latin word ēvītābilis, dating back to 1495–1505. See evite, -able Examples from the Web for evitable Historical Examples of evitable

  • Once the concepts “elements” or “forces” have been accepted, the notion of interaction is an evitable, logical development.

    Introduction to the Science of Sociology

    Robert E. Park

  • In 1909 there had been rumours of grave events; Count Ehrenthal had announced privately to some bankers that ‘war was evitable.’

    Ten Years Near the German Frontier

    Maurice Francis Egan

  • British Dictionary definitions for evitable evitable adjective

    1. rare able to be avoided

    Word Origin for evitable C16: from Latin ēvītābilis, from ēvītāre, from vītāre to avoid Word Origin and History for evitable adj.

    c.1500, from Latin evitabilis “avoidable,” from evitare (see inevitable).

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