verb (used with object), ex·e·crat·ed, ex·e·crat·ing.

  1. to detest utterly; abhor; abominate.
  2. to curse; imprecate evil upon; damn; denounce: He execrated all who opposed him.

verb (used without object), ex·e·crat·ed, ex·e·crat·ing.

  1. to utter curses.


  1. (tr) to loathe; detest; abhor
  2. (tr) to profess great abhorrence for; denounce; deplore
  3. to curse (a person or thing); damn

1560s, from Latin execratus/exsecratus, past participle of execrari/exsecrari “to curse, utter a curse; hate, abhor,” from ex- (see ex-) + sacrare “to devote to” (see sacred). Hence, “to devote off or away; to curse.” Related: Execrated; execrating.

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