1. a section of a book or set of books being published in installments as separate pamphlets or volumes.
  2. a small bundle, tight cluster, or the like.
  3. Botany. a close cluster, as of flowers or leaves.
  4. Anatomy. a small bundle of nerve or muscle fibers.


  1. a bundle or cluster of branches, leaves, etc
  2. Also called: fasciculus anatomy a small bundle of fibres, esp nerve fibres
  3. printing another name for fascicule
  4. any small bundle or cluster

1620s, from Latin fasciculus “a small bundle, a bunch,” diminutive of fascis (see fasces). As “part of a work published in installments,” 1640s (also fascicule, from French). Related: Fasciculate; fasciculation.


  1. fasciculus

  1. A bundle or cluster of stems, flowers, or leaves, such as the bundles in which pine needles grow.

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