noun, plural fi·an·chet·ti [fee-uh n-ket-ee, -chet-ee] /ˌfi ənˈkɛt i, -ˈtʃɛt i/.

  1. the development of a bishop, in an opening move, by advancing one or two pawns so as to permit movement along the bishop’s diagonal.

verb (used with or without object), fi·an·chet·toed, fi·an·chet·to·ing.

  1. to set up or develop as a fianchetto.

noun plural -tos or -ti (-tiː)

  1. the development of a bishop on the second rank of the neighbouring knight’s file or the third rank of the nearer rook’s file

verb -toes, -toing or -toed

  1. to develop (a bishop) thus

chess move, Italian, diminutive of fianco “flank” (attack), from Old French flanc “hip, side” (see flank (n.)).

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