noun, plural fi·del·i·ties.

  1. strict observance of promises, duties, etc.: a servant’s fidelity.
  2. loyalty: fidelity to one’s country.
  3. conjugal faithfulness.
  4. adherence to fact or detail.
  5. accuracy; exactness: The speech was transcribed with great fidelity.
  6. Audio, Video. the degree of accuracy with which sound or images are recorded or reproduced.

noun plural -ties

  1. devotion to duties, obligations, etc; faithfulness
  2. loyalty or devotion, as to a person or cause
  3. faithfulness to one’s spouse, lover, etc
  4. adherence to truth; accuracy in reporting detail
  5. electronics the degree to which the output of a system, such as an amplifier or radio, accurately reproduces the characteristics of the input signalSee also high fidelity

early 15c., from Middle French fidélité (15c.), from Latin fidelitatem (nominative fidelitas) “faithfulness, adherence,” from fidelis “faithful, true,” from fides “faith” (see faith).

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