fitting [fit-ing] SynonymsExamplesWord Origin adjective

  1. suitable or appropriate; proper or becoming.


  1. the act of a person or thing that fits.
  2. an act or instance of trying on clothes that are being made or altered to determine proper fit.
  3. anything provided as equipment, parts, supply, etc.
  4. Usually fittings. furniture, fixtures, etc., as of a building or apartment.

Origin of fitting First recorded in 1525–35; fit1 + -ing2, -ing1 Related formsfit·ting·ly, adverbfit·ting·ness, nounself-fit·ting, adjectiveun·der·fit·ting, nounun·fit·ting, adjectiveun·fit·ting·ly, adverbwell-fit·ting, adjectiveSynonyms for fitting 1. fit, meet, right, decorous, seemly. Examples from the Web for well-fitting Historical Examples of well-fitting

  • The vessel for the stock vat should have a well-fitting lid.

    Vegetable Dyes

    Ethel M. Mairet

  • My energetic organism is like a well-fitting garment; I do not feel it at all.

    Essays Towards a Theory of Knowledge

    Alexander Philip

  • Gloves must be fresh and well-fitting to make the dress perfect.

    Mrs. Hale’s Receipts for the Million

    Sarah Josepha Hale

  • And they fitted each other like a glove, or, rather, like a well-fitting glove.

    The House by the River

    A. P. Herbert

  • He paused to brush an invisible bit of dust from his well-fitting clothes.

    The Rival Pitchers

    Lester Chadwick

  • British Dictionary definitions for well-fitting fitting adjective

    1. appropriate or proper; suitable


    1. an accessory or partan electrical fitting
    2. (plural) furnishings or accessories in a building
    3. work carried out by a fitter
    4. the act of trying on clothes so that they can be adjusted to fit
    5. British size in clothes or shoesa narrow fitting

    Derived Formsfittingly, adverbfittingness, noun Word Origin and History for well-fitting fitting

    1530s (adj.); c.1600 (n.), from present participle of fit (v.).

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