1. a projecting rim, collar, or ring on a shaft, pipe, machine housing, etc., cast or formed to give additional strength, stiffness, or supporting area, or to provide a place for the attachment of other objects.
  2. a broad ridge or pair of ridges projecting from the edge of a rolled metal shape generally at right angles, in order to strengthen or stiffen it.
  3. a ring or collar, usually provided with holes for bolts, and screwed or welded over the end of a tube or pipe to permit other objects to be attached to it.
  4. (in plumbing) a plate or flat ring bolted to the flange at the end of a length of pipe to close the end or to connect it with the flange of another such length: blind flange; spectacle flange.

verb (used without object), flanged, flang·ing.

  1. to project like, or take the form of, a flange.


  1. a projecting disc-shaped collar or rim on an object for locating or strengthening it or for attaching it to another object
  2. a flat outer face of a rolled-steel joist, esp of an I- or H-beam
  3. a tool for forming a flange


  1. (tr) to attach or provide (a component) with a flange
  2. (intr) to take the form of a flange

1680s, of unknown origin, perhaps related to Old French flanche “flank, side,” fem. of flanc (see flank (n.)).


  1. A projecting rim or edge.
  2. The part of the denture base that extends from the cervical ends of the teeth to the border of the denture.

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