1. capable of being bent, usually without breaking; easily bent: a flexible ruler.
  2. susceptible of modification or adaptation; adaptable: a flexible schedule.
  3. willing or disposed to yield; pliable: a flexible personality.


  1. a flexible substance or material, as rubber or leather.


  1. Also: flexile (ˈflɛksaɪl) able to be bent easily without breaking; pliable
  2. adaptable or variableflexible working hours
  3. able to be persuaded easily; tractable

1610s, of physical things, from French flexibilité or directly from Late Latin flexibilitatem (nominative flexibilitas), from Latin flexibilis (see flexible). Of immaterial things from 1783.


early 15c., from Middle French flexible or directly from Latin flexibilis “that may be bent, pliant, flexible, yielding;” figuratively “tractable, inconstant,” from flexus, past participle of flectere “to bend,” of uncertain origin. Related: Flexibly.


  1. Capable of being bent or flexed.
  2. Capable of being bent repeatedly without injury or damage.

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