noun, plural floc·cu·li [flok-yuh-lahy] /ˈflɒk yəˌlaɪ/.

  1. floccule.
  2. Astronomy. one of the bright or dark patches on the sun’s surface, visible in a spectroheliogram.

noun plural -li (-ˌlaɪ)

  1. a marking on the sun’s surface or in its atmosphere, as seen on a spectroheliogram. It consists of calcium when lighter than the surroundings and of hydrogen when darker
  2. anatomy a tiny ovoid prominence on each side of the cerebellum
  3. another word for floccule

n. pl. floc•cu•li (-lī′)

  1. A small fluffy mass or tuft.
  2. Either of a pair of small lobes on the posterior border of the cerebellum, forming part of the vestibular part of the cerebellum.

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