fore-topgallant [fawr-top-gal-uh nt, fohr-; Nautical fawr-tuh-gal-uh nt, fohr-] ExamplesWord Origin adjective

  1. being a sail, yard, or rigging belonging to a fore-topgallant mast.

Origin of fore-topgallant First recorded in 1620–30 Examples from the Web for fore-topgallant Historical Examples of fore-topgallant

  • Jim and I were sent aloft to the fore-topgallant sailyard to furl the sail.

    Peter Trawl

    W. H. G. Kingston

  • Saying this he sprung into the rigging and ascended to the fore-topgallant mast-head.

    Mark Seaworth

    William H.G. Kingston

  • Just then, as I was looking aloft, I saw a bird pitch on the fore-topgallant yard-arm.

    My First Voyage to Southern Seas

    W.H.G. Kingston

  • A fore-topgallant studding-sail had been hauled on board the raft, and this set on a spar served them as a sail.

    The Three Midshipmen

    W.H.G. Kingston

  • There we lay with our fore-topgallant and topsail yards caught in the branches, and our mainsail securely locked.

    The Three Lieutenants

    W.H.G. Kingston

  • British Dictionary definitions for fore-topgallant fore-topgallant adjective

    1. nautical of, relating to, or being the topmost portion of a foremast, above the topmastthe fore-topgallant mast

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