forgive and forget

forgive and forget

forgive and forget

Both pardon and hold no resentment concerning a past event. For example, After Meg and Mary decided to forgive and forget their differences, they became good friends. This phrase dates from the 1300s and was a proverb by the mid-1500s. For a synonym, see let bygones be bygones.

Related Words for forgive and forget accommodate, atone, balance, compose, conciliate, counterbalance, counterpoise, mend, offset, outweigh, pacify, recompense, redeem, redress, requite, settle, countervail Examples from the Web for forgive and forget Contemporary Examples of forgive and forget

  • And after all that, the Burmese Army expects mercy, understanding, forgive-and-forget?

    Burmese Political Prisoners Speak Out In ‘Into The Current’ Documentary

    Peter Popham

    March 28, 2012

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