formant [fawr-muh nt] ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. Music. the range and number of partials present in a tone of a specific instrument, representing its timbre.
  2. Acoustic Phonetics. one of the regions of concentration of energy, prominent on a sound spectrogram, that collectively constitute the frequency spectrum of a speech sound. The relative positioning of the first and second formants, whether periodic or aperiodic, as of the o of hope at approximately 500 and 900 cycles per second, is usually sufficient to distinguish a sound from all others.

Origin of formant 1900–05; Latin formant- (stem of formāns), present participle of formāre to form; see -ant Examples from the Web for formant Historical Examples of formant

  • L’attaque fut formée en colonnes par échelons de régiment, Bachelu formant les échelons les plus avancés.

    The Life of Napoleon I (Volumes, 1 and 2)

    John Holland Rose

  • “See the pretty Formant looking quite common next to her,” said the first.

    The Red and the Black


  • British Dictionary definitions for formant formant noun

    1. acoustics phonetics any of several frequency ranges within which the partials of a sound, esp a vowel sound, are at their strongest, thus imparting to the sound its own special quality, tone colour, or timbre

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