formicary [fawr-mi-ker-ee] ExamplesWord Origin noun, plural for·mi·car·ies.

  1. an ant nest.

Origin of formicary 1810–20; Medieval Latin formīcārium ant hill, noun use of neuter of *formīcārius of, pertaining to ants. See formic, -arium Examples from the Web for formicary Historical Examples of formicary

  • Sir John Lubbock chloroformed some Lasius niger belonging to his formicary.

    The Dawn of Reason

    James Weir

  • Ants may be readily kept in the schoolroom in an artificial nest or formicary and their life-history and habits closely watched.

    Elementary Zoology, Second Edition

    Vernon L. Kellogg

  • Another feature evident in disturbing a formicary is the general harmony in which the individuals of any one colony work together.

    In the Open

    Stanton Davis Kirkham

  • At one formicary half a dozen or more young queens were out at the same time.

    Animal Intelligence

    George J. Romanes

  • Many also enter the formicary, and begin to carry off the young brood that are left in it.

    An Introduction to Entomology: Vol. II (of 4)

    William Kirby

  • British Dictionary definitions for formicary formicary formicarium (ˌfɔːmɪˈkɛərɪəm) noun plural -caries or -caria (-ˈkɛərɪə)

    1. less common names for ant hill

    Word Origin for formicary C19: from Medieval Latin formīcārium see formic Word Origin and History for formicary n.

    “ant nest,” 1816, from Medieval Latin formicarium, from Latin formica “ant” (see Formica (n.2)).

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