fortepiano [fawr-tuh-pyah-noh] Word Origin noun

  1. a piano of the late 18th and early 19th centuries with greater clarity but less volume, resonance, and dynamic range than a modern grand, revived in the late 20th century for the performance of the music of its period.

Origin of fortepiano First recorded in 1760–70; early variant of pianoforte forte-piano [fawr-tey-pee-ah-noh; Italian fawr-te-pyah-naw] adjective, adverb Music.

  1. loud and immediately soft.

Origin of forte-piano First recorded in 1760–70 British Dictionary definitions for fortepiano fortepiano noun

  1. an early type of piano popular in the late 18th century

Word Origin for fortepiano from Italian, loud-soft forte-piano adjective, adverb

  1. loud and then immediately softSymbol: fp


  1. a note played in this way

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