forty-ninth [fawr-tee-nahynth] Examples adjective

  1. next after the forty-eighth; being the ordinal number for 49.
  2. being one of 49 equal parts.


  1. a forty-ninth part, especially of one (1/49).
  2. the forty-ninth member of a series.

Examples from the Web for forty-ninth Historical Examples of forty-ninth

  • “The Forty-ninth,” said he, repeating the words once or twice.


    Charles James Lever

  • He died on June 11, 1861, in the forty-ninth year of his age.

    Stephen Arnold Douglas

    William Garrott Brown

  • Wallace of the Forty-third and Terry of the Forty-ninth, too, were gone.

    Three Years in the Sixth Corps

    George T. Stevens

  • Captain Hickmot, too, of the Forty-ninth was among the slain.

    Three Years in the Sixth Corps

    George T. Stevens

  • Then Coretti lost his head, and roared, “The fourth battalion of the forty-ninth!”

    Cuore (Heart)

    Edmondo De Amicis

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