forty-second [fawr-tee-sek-uh nd] Examples adjective

  1. next after the forty-first; being the ordinal number for 42.
  2. being one of 42 equal parts.


  1. a forty-second part, especially of one (1/42).
  2. the forty-second member of a series.

Examples from the Web for forty-second Historical Examples of forty-second

  • We’ll take the car down to Forty-second Street, and cross over.

    The Film of Fear

    Arnold Fredericks

  • What are his plans for his new show that he is tearing up Forty-second Street about?

    Blue-grass and Broadway

    Maria Thompson Daviess

  • On the following day Nat was sent on an errand up to Forty-second Street.

    From Farm to Fortune

    Horatio Alger Jr.

  • The “Highlander” regiments were the Forty-second and Seventy-first.

    The Campaign of 1776 around New York and Brooklyn

    Henry P. Johnston

  • This is a mistake: it arrives at the Forty-second Street Station.

    A Temporary Dead-Lock

    Thomas A. Janvier

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