Fourier analysis

Fourier analysis

Fourier analysis Word Origin noun Physics, Mathematics.

  1. the expression of any periodic function as a sum of sine and cosine functions, as in an electromagnetic wave function.Compare Fourier series.
  2. harmonic analysis.

Origin of Fourier analysis First recorded in 1925–30; named after J.B.J. Fourier British Dictionary definitions for fourier analysis Fourier analysis noun

  1. the analysis of a periodic function into its simple sinusoidal or harmonic components, whose sum forms a Fourier series

Word Origin for Fourier analysis C19: named after Baron Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier (1768–1830), French mathematician, Egyptologist, and administrator fourier analysis in Science Fourier analysis

  1. The branch of mathematics concerned with the approximation of periodic functions by the Fourier series and with generalizations of such approximations to a wider class of functions.

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